What is Fate?

“I do not believe in fate that falls on men however they act, but i believe in a fate that falls on men unless they act.” –Buddha

“Good things come to those who wait. work hard for it.

I was talking to a good friend of mine over Skype and somehow, the topic bout fate came into light. And somehow, it just hit me hard. Fate is a topic that’s clearly not hot.

It’s a topic whereby many people overlook, misunderstand or even neglect. At least that’s how i feel. Don’t you think so?

In the society i live in, many people tend to preach sayings like “If it’s meant to be, it will be”, or “if there’s fate, eventually, you’ll cross paths again.” or something along the lines – you get what i mean. But what the society doesn’t tell you is that, without effort, you wont go anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s fate or not, you still need effort. How do you expect yourself to get the things you want without working for it, right?

What’s the point of waiting for the one you’re fated to be with if you’re not going out to search for your fate?

What’s the point of hoping to cross paths with fate if you’re not even willing to walk that path?

What’s the point of waiting for the ‘good thing’ if you don’t work hard for it?

Do you see where i’m going?

I don’t believe in fate. I only believe in effort. For example, if you want someone to stay in your life, you’d put in effort & give or show reasons why that person should stay in your life instead of just doing as you please thinking that fate will get you where you deserve to be.

Fate doesn’t bring you where you want to be, it brings you to where you deserve to be. If you’re not going to work hard for the things you want, then you don’t deserve the things you want. If you’re going to put in effort for the things you want, then by all means, you deserve it or maybe even better, you’ll get things in life that are better than the things you want.

All i’m tryna say is that, there’s no point believing in fate if you’re not going to do anything about it. You could be a lawyer like you’ve always dreamed of being, but you’re not gonna be one if you’re not planning to work hard for it. You could have a loving girlfriend but she’s not gonna stay if you’re not gonna prove to her you’re worth her time.  You could be happy but you won’t be if you’re gonna hold on to the things that’s bringing you down.

“Oh, it’s ok, it’s just not fate.” This is the most extremely, stupidly, cowardly excuse to give when you can’t get the things you want. Fate isn’t the reason why you got bad grades. Fate isn’t the reason why she left you. Fate isn’t the reason why you can’t do things. Fate is the reason why you put in effort, if you even do. It’s the outcome of all the effort you put in into your very own life. You can’t get the things you want in life because you clearly don’t deserve it. If you want to go against me and say “your time to shine will come” then sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But i just wanna ask, how long are you gonna wait for that time to come for you to shine? You can work hard & shine sooner but are you willing to work hard for it. Is that what you want?

You are what you choose to be, fate doesn’t choose your life outcomes.

You’re given a choice, no one is ever forced to do something. If you really want something, surely you’ll work hard for it. If there’s a will, there’s always a way. If you ever think that you have got no choice, ask yourself, what’s stopping you? The law? The authorities? Your responsibilities?

No one’s stopping you. If you think about it, you’re the only person that’s stopping yourself. And blaming fate is definitely out of the topic.

The moment you doubt yourself before a battle, you’ve already lost it.

It’s entirely up to you what you define as fate. But here’s my take on it.

Fate is the outcome of your life choices & efforts. It is not something that befalls upon you no matter what you do, but it is something that happens because you deserve it – be it good or bad.

So what exactly is fate to you?

Let’s put it this way;

I want to be _____ and the only way i can do that is to start small. My first step is going to be ________________________.

Here’s what i want. I want to touch hearts of people around me & the only way i can do that is to start small. My first step is going to be to spread positivity.

Start with yourself. 🙂

xo, ainf.