Love 4 Dance Camp – O School

L4D Camp is an annual 2-day event organised by O School for dancers throughout Singapore and lucky for me, this year, i was one of the many dancers who attended the event. This year, it is held at Singapore Polytechnic.

Day 1

image2 [22338]

I, along with other members of TPDE, took the train all the way to Dover from Tampines early in the morning at 8 a.m. and arrived just in time for the camp. We were separated into groups but lucky for me, i was with Fara, Teesha, Val and Bev. We were introduced to other dancers from different colleges & universities – ITE, Singapore Poly, Republic Poly, Nanyang Poly and even Singapore’s Management University.

For the first half an hour, we played several ice-breaking games and we appointed Elfy, a year 3 SDZ dancer from our group, to become our group leader. He’s a very experienced dancer which i envy, of course.

Next, we had a masterclass planned out for us. The first masterclass for that day was a locking class. I enjoyed myself of course. Since Fandi, Val & I had attended locking workshops together, we had several yeahhh moments. It was fun! Then we had an hour break which we ate at kfc. Can you believe it, SP has KFC, Starbucks, McDonald, Frank by OCBC & many more! Step up your game, TP!

After our break, we had 3 more masterclasses planned out for us. We had hip-hop, street jazz then contemporary. Hip-hop was taught by Zaihar – the man whose groove is the most grooviest of them grooves! He’s so dope and cool, i wish to dance like him one day, or better! He, along with Haikal, makes every female dancer swoon!! The choreography taught by him was super chill & dope. He’s such a cool guy! Then we had Street Jazz taught by Fredy Kosman – a dancer who’s currently competing in The Dance Floor on Channel 5 (his group is standing in top 6 now!). He, let me just say this, is sexier than any woman out there. He’s also super funny! Sadly, this genre is just not meant for me. I can do the choreography just like everyone else, but i can’t feel my heart & soul while dancing that genre. It’s not cut out for me. I guess i’m too awkward and not sexy enough. lols! Everyone said Street Jazz was so much easier compared to Contemporary – which for me, is the opposite. Contemporary was taught by Ryan, a judge for The Dance Floor. He’s also super funny! He gave us a lot of constructive feedback. And honestly, i’ve never put my soul as much as i put when i perform contemporary. I feel so free, letting out my soft feelings through dance. I love contemporary. But i’m going to focus on hip-hop. Letting the inner gangster out!

Day 2

image3 [22339].JPG

Day 2 started, we had a race to start off our day and then we had a 10-min break. We had only one masterclass that day, K-Pop. Honestly expected it to be really shitty because i’m really not a fan of k-pop but it was actually kinda cool. It was taught by Ahlee, she too, i envy a lot. She dances like nobody’s watching, even that is an understatement. She’s super dope and cool! Love her! Then we had a showcase. My group – honestly – was the coolest. We drew the lot and were told to perform hip-hop, which is our main genre. So it was to our advantage. The formation & extras were planned by Elfy, our group leader. It was so cool! We got it recorded and if there’s a link, i’ll definitely put it up here! We had a lot of fun and this shall be one of the many memories that i’ll never forget.

xo, ainf.