2015 Highlights

2015 is like the climax of my life. I went into a new school, met loads of new people, continued my passion, learned many new things & most definitely lost and created friendships.

It is a disappointment that i am no longer bestfriends with the girl i trusted most but i definitely enjoyed every single moment i had with her. She was a loving and carefree girl. Unfortunately, the friendship remains in 2015. It saddens me that we’re no longer close but i am glad that we do not hate each other. And i can’t complain because i learned a lot this year.

What have i learned? Well, most definitely, expect the unexpected. Sometimes, what we least expect turns out to be reality and we’re never prepared to face it. So do not set high expectations for you’ll only end up disappointing yourself.

Nonetheless, i also had a lot of happy moments this year. I made a lot of new friends ever since i entered TP. Through dance, mostly. Had lots of opportunities to explore my capabilities, push my limits and definitely see the world in a different angle.

The most memorable moments of 2015 can only be described in a picture. I can’t show my happiness in words but a smile. Here are some of my most happiest moments i’ve had this year so far.


Meeting Avenged Sevenfol has been one of my dreams so far and i finally did it in January 2015. Never going to forget this moment!


Meeting dancers from TPDE is one of my never-gonna-regret moments in my life. Can never meet anyone like them – ever.


Having my friends by my side still, is the one thing that i will always have in my heart. Especially Dexter and Shahil.


My first performance as a TPDE dancer was definitely one of my highlights in 2015. 


Don’t be confused, i thought i can only find a Melon Pan (Melon Bun) in Japan, THEY HAD IT IN SINGAPORE TOO AT A JAPAN FAIR! I’ve been dying to try this after seeing it in animes.


Dropping my phone from 5th floor – YUP.


Having one of the nicest and coziest bubble bath – of course. 


Not forgetting the time Yu Cheng and Ten pushing me around on a wheelbarrow we found under a tree whilst having a BBQ. We had so much fun & it was super tirinng if you can’t tell already by the blurry picture. Lol!


Meeting Mifzal, my classmate, my dancemate, my partner-in-crime. He’s helped me through tough times and i will never regret having this friendship i share with him.


Watching Arsenal’s match live was definitely unforgettable. I get to see the man of my dreams, Giroud and Ozil!!


Making my parents smile on my birthday by getting them ice cream and flowers as an appreciation gift. It made my day. 🙂


This little girl right here approached me in the midst of a donation drive i was doing and handed me a drawing. We had small talk and i got to know she has no father and her mom is constantly out of home. She lives with her grandmother. She also shared a love for Disney like i do so i handed her my Frozen hand sanitizer. Knowing that i made her day, made my day too. Will never forget her smile.


Going to an island just like this has always been my dream! I finally did it. Yippee!


And saving the best for the last, my most special and unforgettable memory of 2015. My ex-boyfriend from years back is now my boyfriend. I will never regret talking to him again this year, he has never made me smile as mush as i usually do. Even just by thinking about him. You have no clue how much i love you, Zuhair. He is definitely my inciting incident. The man i love most – apart from my dad & bros of course.

And those are the few of the many unforgettable memories i’ve had this year. To many more special and happy times in the future! Happy New Year, happy people. Never forget to smile more, be positve, have courage and be kind. Spreading out love,

xo, ainf.