“I give up.”

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things just don’t go our way. And what makes me smile are the people who still find happiness in every direction. Unfortunately though, people are so open to giving up that they don’t even bother to try before saying ‘i give up’.
It saddens me, really. Everyone expects life to be a joyride. Truthfully, it can be. But these people chose the tough route.
It’s simple. Instead of pointing out the negative outcomes, just look out for the positive and think of what could possibly happen if everything was just positive. Of course at times things aren’t meant to be but there’s definitely something better waiting for us. See what i did there? If you don’t then i guess you’re one of those people who needs a little boost.
I admit, i can be very negative at times but that’s because it does get tiring when you’ve been keeping a positive attitude the whole day, trying to spread as much positivity as you can. It’s alright, it’s normal to feel negative once in awhile.
But if at this age, you people are already giving up on life then i’m sorry, you’re just dumb.
You have a lot to explore and yet you chose to end things here and now.
Put yourself in the shoes of others. What do you think you’d feel if you see others giving up on life just like that without even trying?
Honestly, i feel that you people need to educate yourselves more on how important it is to be positive. 
But lets be real. If you can’t handle a single, tiny, non-life threatening issue and you’re already giving up, then you’re fucking dumb. Get a hold of yourself and snap out of it. Be aware of what the fuck you’re saying. Before you fucking talk, think.
“I give up.”
Have you seen what your parents did behind your back just for your comfort and happiness?
Did you notice the little things your friends do for you that makes you break out into laughter?
Are you aware that your lame jokes make others laugh?
All the things you’ve done for the person you love, are you sincere doing that?
And when the person you love tries their best to make you smile and fail to do so, are you aware of that?
Aren’t you thankful for what everyone has done to you?
Don’t you feel good making people laugh and smile?
Are you even aware of all the beautiful things that your two little eyes are making you not see?
Yeah, i’m talking to you, honey.
Your eyes are so blinded by the ugly & fucked up situations you’ve been through, you forgot to look at the other side.
You’ve been through so much and yet you dare to say;
“I give up.”
The most overrated, misused, mistreated sentence.
And before you find a reason to counter what i just said, maybe stop for a second and just think. All the situations, whereby you punched the walls of your rooms, eat the misery away, cry yourself to sleep and pull your hair out of your roots, whatever the situation is i don’t give 2 fucks, did you ever look back and think; “Wow i’m just so grateful to have…”?
And for a start, shouldn’t you be grateful to be alive?
xo, ainf.