Ice Cream Skool Cafe


Located at Tampines St 42, a neighborhood nearby with an extremely small but cozy interior. Ice Cream Skool is its name. It may not look inviting from the outside but once you step in, you’ll never want to leave. It’s super comfortable, good place to have a read, maybe do your school work there with a scoop of ice cream to keep you company, a good place to have a catch-up sesh with a childhood friend of yours and all that good stuff.

They serve a range of different flavors of ice cream such as Milo which tastes like childhood – trust me on this, nostalgic feels will hit you hard once you try it – and there’s cotton candy, peanut butter, cookies and cream, all sorts of flavors! They also serve waffles to go with your ice cream. They also have a photobooth located opposite the ice cream counter. Adorable props provided, cool background and they’ll also give polaroid shots for free!

Couple of days ago, i visited this cafee with a good friend of mine to just have a chat. I got a plain waffle with a scoop of peanut butter ice cream and milo ice cream. It was delicious, they served the waffle hot with a drizzle of syrup and the two scoops of ice cream on the top. My friend, Shahil, got a scoop of his favorite, cookies and cream ice cream!


If that doesn’t make you crave for ice cream then you’re probably really weird. It’s pleasant and appetizing, the waffle is crunchy but not too crunchy and did i mention? They serve chilled water for free too!


With nice music playing in the background, the smell of syrup and waffles served with ice cream on the side and good company, i have to admit i had a great, cozy evening with Shahil! The cafe certainly gave me a warm and homely feel plus the atmosphere in the cafe made me want to stay longer! I’d rate it a 4 out of 5. Definitely a must visit. The price is also affordable ranging from $3++!

Nonetheless, go check it out if you’re nearby!