I’ve always loved dancing! It’s a sport, a hobby, a pastime, a stress reliever, it is whatever you think it is. To me, dancing is something i do to distract myself from the stress i get, it’s also something i do to express my feelings and it’s basically a form of exercise to me since i don’t workout… at all. lol.

To many people, dancing probably doesnt mean shit to you but to the dancers themselves, dancing is putting your emotions into your limbs and body. It’s like painting on a canvas. And the price of your masterpiece is the amount of effort you put into dancing and the amount of emotions you express through dancing.

When did i start dancing?

I started at an early age. My mom tells me all sorts of stories about me dancing when i was as little as 5 years old! I would dance and sing along to HI-5, Winx Club, Bratz, Barbie movies and sometimes even MTV! (The old, classic MTV had a bunch of top hits, i dont know what happened to MTV now. And yes, i started watching MTV at age 5 years old. Don’t judge me.)

I was told that i used to wear my pink ballerina dress with frills and spandex corset and do pirouettes around the house as i listen to classic tunes. I used to dance and record myself pretending to be Gabriella from High School Musical along with my cousins and at times, i’d do it alone because what are friends? JK. It was embarrassing but i had a lot of fun growing up and dancing.

I joined drama club and traditional malay dance in Primary school and explored my capabilities further more in Secondary school by joining Dance Dynamics – which is basically hip-hop/locking/lyrical/LA Style but i quit soon after because the club got out of hand – and joined drama club. I had a passion for Performing arts and dancing and acting had to be my two favourite. I attempted joining acapella too, i got inspired by Pentatonix and it was so good. I joined the A Capella Society for a month then stopped because my national exams was around the corner.

Now i’m in Temasek Polytechnic and i managed to join Temasek Poly’s Dance Ensemble. In general, it’s a dance club with 3 genres – Hip-Hop, BBoy and Modern. Out of the 400 who auditioned, i was one of the 70+ people who managed to get selected. Currently, i’m exploring my dance knowledge so i’m working on hip-hop(of course), locking, popping and street jazz. I’m also going for Street Jazz classes outside of school!


What inspires me?

My seniors inspire me, those who can dance a lot of genres, Ditto and everything else! I want to be a pro in dancing. I want to inspire people with dancing. I get inspired by other dancers so i can inspire other beginner dancers. It’s a complicated concept but i’m learning!


Ups and Downs.

I’ve had a lot of tough times throughout this dancing passion of mine. It’s a really big commitment and you have to have a lot of responsibility. Sacrifice a little here and there, take a lot of risks. It’s also a very time-consuming and tiring. It will be all worth it!

On the bright side, i’ve managed to improve as i explore my dancing shoes. I’ve made new friends along the way and i’ve had people tell me i’m more groovy than the people who actually have professional experience! It’s a good feeling. 



I intend to further explore other genres so i’m slowly learning genres i never thought i’d do such as modern and bboy! I want to get myself recognised and perhaps add dance videos onto YouTube! But it will not be anytime soon. I’m working on it though! As for now, i’m exploring the dance community and perhaps in the future, i’ll be choreographing for people!