Universal Studios Singapore – Halloween Horror Night 5

Saturday, 3rd October

5 P.M.

I met up with the usual people i hangout with in Secondary school. Beverly, Shahil, Nazlyn and Dextre. So there was a total of 5 of us. We took bus 10 to Vivo City from Tampines interchange, it was a long journey but a fun one. Me and Shahil sat at thee back, Beverly and Dexter sat in front of us followed by Nazlyn. We all had our earpieces plugged into our ears and we were listening to some music. Except, we were a little excited so we were just singing aloud and jammin’ to the songs played. We had a great laugh – one of my unforgettable moments with the bunch too. 🙂


Exhausted from all the lip syncing to Beyonce’s hit, Listen. 😛 Did i also mentioned we went for a B&W outfit theme?!

6:30 P.M.

We arrived at our destination and took bus RWS8 from the bus stop we alighted from and it took us at least 20 mins to get there. When we arrived, all we could see was tourists bustling in and out of the casino, people taking photographs at the iconic Universal globe with mist everywhere. It was a lovely sight, knowing that i will have a good day. People were queuing to get their faces painted, express passes and of course to get into the amusement park itself. And of course, we had to get the express pass!

IMG_5375[1]In the bus on the way to Resorts World Sentosa!

7:45 P.M.

We were already inside the park, waiting for the grand opening. A gust of mist exploded ahead of us, as the crowd waited for gates to open. A man in a lab suit stood in the middle of the pathway, greeting us with fear. Stuntmen appeared at the back of us as fog cleared it’s way. It was a sdcary sight but amusing to because we got to see stuntmen in spooky costumes abseil their way down the retro buildings and jump off a great height. It was entertaining. As the gates opened everyone patiently made their way into the amusement park. We went for the haunted house first.

The first haunted house is always the scariest because we really didn’t know what to expect. This haunted house was themed after the legendary, spooky, block 50 in Singapore. (Not sure what was it though.) Dexter took the lead, then Beverly, Nazlyn, myself and Shahil. We all held each others hands. All of us were filled with excitement. We had wide smiles on our faces, it was an unforgettable moment. I remember hearing screams and laughter in the haunted house, i squeezed Nazlyn and Shahil’s hands out of fear and i also remember Shahil running ahead of me because a ghost was running after him. It was hilarious and super fun!

Later, we moved on and saw another haunted house, a zombie-themed haunted house but it was crowded so we decided to move on with the next one first. The next segment of the amusement park was a sci-fi themed. There were alien-like mascots on stilts, it was cool to me! It reminded me of a dream i had about fighting zombies! We took several photos with the mascots and only these two pictures turned out decent. The laser lights at the back was a good addition to the atmosphere too!

IMG_5398[1]    IMG_5405[1]

After taking photos, we walked further down and reached the Transformer section. Although the Transformer ride wasn’t that much of a thriller, we decided to go for it because… why not? It was a short ride and soon after, we took a break, bought ourselves a bottle of Coca – Cola to freshen up and hydrate ourselves.

Not far from where we were was the two big rollercoaster rides, the Cylon and Human rides! Basically, it’s the main reason why people go to USS! What more, it’s in the dark! We took the Cylon ride first. We put away our bags in a locker nearby and queued in line. The moment i sat in the coaster ride, i immediately feel like i’m gonna have a muscle ache on my cheek for laughing and smiling too much. I knew it was gonna be one hell of a ride. It was first time so i sat next to Shahil – my good pal.

Then, the ride begun. The rattling of the chains of the roller coaster track rang in my ears, the riders behind us were cheering on, and then the roller coaster sped up. My head threw back, my hair went flying in all directions and i could barely feel my face. I couldn’t scream because it was so fast i just couldn’t catch up! My stomach literally went up my throat. (Use literally when youre actually being literal. lmao.) I had to grab Shahil’s hand in the midst of the ride because we both were scared shitless.

In less than 2 minutes, we were already walking out of the attraction. It was a fast one yet thrilling. Next, we went to the mummy ride! The express queue, however, is taking a long time so we decided to take the fast lane. We entered the universal attraction queue and ran as fast as we can, parkour-ed over a crate, ran in circles and went down under the rope fences and then eventually, we’re at the very front of the express pass queue. We haven’t gotten into the ride and we’re already having our own fun! When we actually got into the ride, we knew every word, every turn and every moment this ride will bring us. We knew this ride so well, we actually memorised the ride. When the time comes, we decided to put on a straight face for the camera. And boy, did we pull it off! Hahaha.

If you haven’t noticed, we skipped the Human ride, the one related to the Cylon ride. It had technical difficulties when we last checked so we skipped it.

Moving on! After taking the mummy ride, we returned to the lockers and grabbed our bags. We continued with our walk and there, we saw a haunted house with a hungry ghost theme! This one was pretty freaky because the hungry ghost month was only a month or two back. There were props of those prayer joss sticks and all on the outside of the attraction. Either way, we queued. I was nervous for this one, i don’t know why. The thought of chinese ghosts just freak me out.

This time around, Shahil took the lead. Followed by me, Nazlyn, Beverly then Dexter who was the most scared among all of us! I attempted to scare Shahil a few times and his reaction was priceless. It was a scary walk. There was one part where they replicate a situation in hell so it was all hot, smoke everywhere and all red. It got extremely claustrophobic but thank god it was only for a short period of time. There was also a part where they hung mannequins on the ceilings so it looked like people hung themselves by the neck. It was a spooky experience, nonetheless really fun! I’d go twice!

After that, we went for another haunted house. This one was called THE MRT – with caps – and it’s related to TSGS aka True Singapore Ghost Stories books! It’s a childhood thing to most Singaporeans. This one was spooky too! Shahil took the lead again. They had the place set up to look like an abandoned train with dilapidated and run down seats, broken poles and zombies everywhere! It was terrifying. There was one part where we were put in a situation whereby there was a zombie invasion and the train station was wrecked and run down. It was super spooky. The ending of the maze wwas hilarious! We had to go through a section of the train to get to the exit of the haunted house and in that particular section, there was at least three zombies with knives that will come at you. Shahil got so scared he backed out for a moment as i watched him while i laugh my bum out! It was super hilarious.

Thst was our third haunted house, with one more left which we skipped in the beginning.

We continued with our walk and came across the new ride, the Puss in Boots ride. For a cat – lover, i’d say they have the best decorations! hahaha. The rollercoaster ride, however, was disappointing. There was so many stops in the ride. Halt after halt. It wasn’t fun at all. After getting our hopes down, we went for the little Shrek-themed dragon rollercoaster ride – which i assume is painly for kids because it’s less than 40 seconds and super boring. Better than the Puss in Boots ride though.

Also, since we’re at the castle area, we thought it would be a great time to take a photo since there was barely any crowd around and the view would make a beautiful background! Unfortunately, someone had to ruin it – ehem, dexter – with his awkward pose!


My legs are so short 😦

And that marks the end of the round in USS! By the time we finished the round, it was already…

11 P.M.

Having known that we finished our round, we decided to go back to the attractions that we skipped. So we went ahead with the Human roller coaster ride. It’s just like the Cylon ride. It was fast – paced and it made my stomach went up my throat just like the Cylon ride. It’s equally scary! Thrill factor of 9 with 10 being thee scariest! We also went for the Mummy ride again. We had a ballin’ good time! We also went for the last haunted house which we skipped in the beginning. It was average – not as scary as the other ones. Still, we had some fun.

11:30 P.M.

We left the amusement park in search of food but we were too exhausted, we decided to just head home. Unfortunately, the straight bus home wasn’t operating anymore. We had to take a bus to Bedok and then took a cab home from there. Nazlyn’s dad fetched her home so it’s left with Beverly, Dexter, Shahil and myself. We dropped Dexter and Beverly off near Beverly’s house with Dexter sending Beverly home. Me and Shahil dropped off at my house. Shahil being the good buddy he is, sent me home. It was a really loong journey home so it took us at least 2 hours.

2 A.M.

I just got home! Legs aching badly. I showered, freshen up and ordered me some MacD. 3 McWings meals please! It took them so long to arrive, they arrived at 3 a.m. and by the time i finished, it was 5:30 am. Goodnight!