It disgusts me. Why are people all over the world so against Muslims? What have we done to racist mother fuckers till our whole religion is to be blamed?

You can be catholic, buddhist, arabic or which ever religion you are and it shouldn’t be a problem but why is it that when someone is muslim, it becomes a big deal?

Yes, it’s Osama’s fault that many innocent people aren’t alive. But why is it that the muslims are to be blamed? Even up till now? Did the present muslims taught Osama to be that way? Did the present muslims even know why people are so against muslims? Honestly, i don’t know myself.

Why is it when Hitler or Stalin killed many innocent people and that’s not so big of a deal? Why hasnt it caught the medias’ attention? Because he isnt muslim, so it’s fine? Bullshit. Osama didnt deserve to be muslim. He has showed NO respect to his own religion itself. But that doesnt mean the whole Muslim Community deserves to be discriminated.

A white american man can be muslim.
An african-american man can be muslim.
A lady not donning the hijab can be muslim.
An innocent newborn baby can be muslim.

So what makes us dangerous and hideous people?

A lady wearing a scarf around the head can be christian.
A man with a long beard can be a freethinker.
An innocent newborn baby can be buddhist.

And yes, it is fine.

Yes, some Muslims may have disregard their religion, for example, getting tattoos, drinking, committing extremely bad offenses, having a child out of wedlock. But that doesnt mean theyre not human. I’m sure other religions do not encourage these too but some still do so. I, a muslim, too have done really bad things. But either way, we should be punished for our bad behaviors NOT for being muslim or your religion.

Where is the humanity? This world is beautiful, i know it. But what has the world turn into? So many people have been manipulated and brainwashed by egotistical people who are so against Islam. In the media, the papers, protests and even on national television. Where is the respect here? I have friends who are christian, buddhist, arabs, sikh and they all dont discriminate us Muslims.

Why is it necessary to discriminate muslims? Labeling them as terrorists? We do not deserve this. Why is it even okay for people to throw racist comments all over the internet and on the streets?

If i could just ask one question and one favor from all the anti-muslim people, what has gotten into you people? Please, have some faith in humanity. What were you thinking? I feel extremely offended and discriminated knowing that people of my religion are badly abused just because they’re muslim.

We are all humans, our religion doesn’t define us, we are who we want to be. the topic on Muslims shouldnt even be a negative topic.

I’m a muslim, i do not wear the hijab daily, i’m a student, i have feelings and i have a family – just like any of you out there. AND I CLEARLY DO NOT GO AROUNG BOMBING PEOPLE THAT’S JUST GRUESOME.

xo, ainf.

PS, i apologize if i have offended any of you. Islam is a beautiful religion. Do not be manipulated by the media.


Being Positive

Go ahead, try it out, one day without saying anything negative. Trust me, that day will be better than any normal day.

It has helped me a lot and i’m as positive as ever, now.

Being extremely negative is one of my biggest pet peeves apart from people who pretend to know what love is, extremely unhygienic people and people who have really bad grammar.

If you’re going to think that everything is against you and you’ll never be happy well then you’re right. With that kind of mindset, obviously, you’ll never go far and you’ll never be happy.

Everyone on Earth deserves to be happy.

But if you’re going to think that life is all about being sad and depressed then honestly, you should jump off a tall building.

But before you jump off a tall building, hear me out.

This goes out to all you depressed, sad, suicidal people. Or generally, people who are constantly negative.

If you’re gonna assume that people around you are monsters and they’re killing you, against you and all that crap then you’re clearly in the wrong. Yes this world may be cruel and ruthless, yes this world can be pretty fucking mean, but have you seen the whole world yet? Tell yourself this, does it make sense if god sent you to earth to only see you suffer? Does it make sense if youre perfect but you’re never happy? If your answer is yes then sign yourself up at a mental hospital.

I honestly believe that everyone is perfect. Everyone is perfect because they’re created to be just like themselves and unlike anyone else. We’re created to be made like no one else but ourselves. There is no perfect and ideal person of course, everyone has their different views of a perfect person but that’s a whole other thing.

In addition, if you’re depressed, heartbroken and all that because of a particular person for example a girlfriend or a boyfriend, then lets be honest, you’re wasting your time. Unless the other person is just as upset as you, then u should be happy.

I apologize if i offended any of you. But i can’t help it, if youre going to be negative all your life then you have no reason to live. You are created to smile and be happy. You are not created to feel upset all your life. You deserve to smile.

No, that group of guys who just walked past you and are laughing isnt laughing at you.

No, your appearance is not the reason why no one seems to accept you.

No, youre never too ugly for anything.

No, you’re not useless.

No, you don’t deserve to be sad.

Laugh along with the group of guys who were laughing after they walked past you. Find out why people arent accepting you if it’s not for your appearance it’s obviously for your attitude. Appearance will never be the reason why you’re not good enough to do a particular thing. If you think you’re useless, make yourself useful. And if you’ve tried, keep trying. Smile. Because you know you can. Because you know you deserve to smile.

I have been very negative before. I have to be very honest here, i’ve cut my wrists, I’ve cried my heart out over little things, i’ve called myself useless and i get very insecure. But did that make me happy? Did that make me smile?

It did not.

So i stopped the cutting, i told myself, if i’m ever ugly, why would i smile in pictures? If i was useless, why do people thank me? Why am i crying when i got all the muscles on my face to smile?

I smiled. And i will not stop smiling. I don’t care if a thousand people told me i’m ugly, i’m useless, i’m horrible, throw abusive comments at me. What could they possibly do? And if they really did, that doesnt mean i lost all my muscles to smile, right? That doesnt mean the whole world is against me, right? Even if i’m at my lowest, i shall not stop smiling.

I believe you should smile too.

If you can smile, you can be happy. Take a break. Not everything you do or people do is negative around you. Accept the negativity, turn it into something positive. The only time you can be negative is, 2 seconds after being negative, you should be saying stuff like “I will get through this!” “I can do it!” “No, i will succeed!”

Trust me, your life would change if you could just stop being so negative.

xo, ainf.

Ps. ask yourself again, is it worth it jumping off a building if you havent seen the beautiful side of Earth yet?



It’s been some time since i last blogged. My week has been great so far! Got accepted into college without having to take my O levels which means my results are good enough to skip a year and get into Polytechnic! Woo Hoo!

That aside, i’m feeling sad because i miss Avenged Sevenfold so much!!! Wish i could turn back time and experience it again!

Few weeks ago, my ex, the one from three four years back, snapchat-ed me. Casually, i replied. And now we’re talking on a daily basis. I dont know how to feel about that. He treated me badly when we were 14 but that was years ago, when we were bloomin’ 14, but i took it so seriously, i fought for him. And i had a tough time movin’ on. Now that we’re already 17, we’re talking back, we haven’t got into any relationship since, so i dont really know what to feel. i just moved on from him a year ago i suppose. So now that we’re talking back, him telling me it was stupid of him to ditch a girl who was worth fighting for, abandoning a relationship worth taking seriously, that he was still a boy. I dont know. Do i still love him? I’ve built a barrier around me since the break up and still many bad things happen to me (in terms of relationships). Like my best friend of four years abandoning our friendship, my unsuccessful connections between guys apart from my two best buddies, S and D. I just can’t seem to make new friends anymore or open myself up to new people. I constantly fail despite having a barrier around me to protect myself. Sometimes i ask myself, is it worth building a barrier around myself? What difference does it make? I personally don’t know but for now, i’m keeping this barrier around me.

Maybe one day, i’ll meet someone special in TP! A friend just as good as my bestfriend, whom of which i could get along with, or maybe a guy i’d finally have a crush on. 😊